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Applied Behavior Analysis 101 Web-Based Training

ABA 101 Web-Based Training for Staff and Parents - $39.00 per year

ABA 101 is a self paced, unlimited usage, eight-hour training course with over 300 video examples and learning-enhancing exercises to ensure that the staff at your clinic, school or center, and parents, have the skills and resources necessary to follow through meaningfully in Applied Behavior Analysis environments. Taught by Liz Maher, MEd, BCBA, this course covers the following key concepts:

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  • Working with students with special needs
  • The Science of Applied Behavior Analysis
  • Antecedents, Behaviors and Consequences - ABCs
  • Introduction to reinforcement
  • Importance of Immediacy
  • Decreasing certain behaviors
  • Introduction to “pairing”
  • What does our learner like?
  • The VB-MAPP and the Verbal Operants
  • Developmental-based versus Function-based assessments
  • Choosing skills based on a developmental assessment
  • Making teaching fun
  • Teaching new skills
  • Reviewing known skills
  • Correcting Errors
  • Running targets versus known skills
  • Reinforcing learning
  • Generalization
  • Other skills to work on
  • Teaching skills based on a function-based assessment
  • The importance of tracking progress
  • Reasons for problem behavior
  • Treating problem behavior
  • Importance of practicing replacement skills
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This course was designed for classroom teachers, para-educators, aides, and classroom assistants. Parents are also encouraged to participate, as knowledge of ABA principles is critical in that it facilitates skill generalization to the home environment. It allows BCBAs, school psychologists, administrators and other professionals to ensure that the ABA-based program at your school can thrive with the follow-through that only well-trained team members can provide. Badges like the ones above are issued automatically to the participants as a reinforcing way to see and show that core skills have been mastered! This course is accessible for a full year and can and should be revisited over-and-over by participants throughout the year to ensure that they continue to provide support, based on the science of ABA!

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